The Longest Day

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and brings us to the zenith of the Sun God's power. He is celebrated and honored in order to ensure a large harvest. He is thanked for the Life-Giving Light that He brings. This is also the time of the Great Battle of the Oak King and His twin, the Holly King. It is during this Battle that the Holly King, representing the darker, colder half of the year, slays the Oak King, who represents the lighter, warmer half of the year, in order to keep the wheel of the year spinning. The cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth is constantly flowing, always changing...never static.

Our Tradition honors the Green Man in all His masculinity. He is at the height of His reign and roams through the fields playing harmless pranks and games. We too celebrate this time with games and competition. It is a time for growing strong. The harvest is coming soon and the Winter months will be harsh. We usually re-enact the Battle of the Oak and Holly Kings, more as a form of competition than a religious aspect. Honoring the Green Man is our main focus on this Sabbat.

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