The Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox not only brings us again to a time of balance, but also to the second harvest. This is a time of preparation for the cold months ahead. We take our cue from the balance of day and night and resolve to equalize within ourselves anything that we believe to be "tipping the scales". It is important to strive toward a balance of mind, body and spirit during this time in order to be prepared for the sometimes depressing, colder months ahead.

The nights grow longer and colder now. The Sun God is overtaken by the darkness which will reign supreme from until Yule. The lengthening nights cause the Goddess to grow tired and weak and she prepares to sleep through the long Winter.

To help His children survive the coming season, the Green Man returns to the Earth, sheds His leaves and vines and is reborn as the Horned God with the antlers and fur of the animals He must protect. Thus begins the reign of the Horned God, Father and Protector of those trying to survive the long, cold nights.

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